The Botanical Fainting Couch

The Botanical Fainting Couch is a fully interactive bronze bench with a botanical taxonomy theme.  Each letter has the texture of a different plant that is identified with the corresponding letter.  AAcer, BBegonia, C = Comptonia, etc...

It was designed specifically for public garden spaces and is intended to excite and educate viewers of any age about botany and plant identification.  Site specific learning tools, maps, and interactive games can be designed around the BFC.


The Alphabet Chair

The Alphabet Chair is another texture piece with an Alphabet theme.  The textures on each letter start with that letter.  For example, A if for Animals, B is for Buttons, and C is for Coral. 

The Chair easily supports three small people or two big ones.  It is a great library sculpture, as it promotes reading and letter recognition.


The photo to the left was taken at the foundry, before the back legs were welded into place.


Fisherman's Memorial

When the city of New Bedford, MA, was looking for a design for a memorial honoring the countless fishermen who have called New Bedford their home, Sarah proposed this design and was selected as a finalist. 

The design encompasses the strength, fortitude and perseverance of the men and women of the trade, while providing a tranquil and powerful setting for contemplation. 

The fisherman awaits an invitation to be cast full size for a suitable public space. 


2007 FIDEM World Congress Medal

This winning design was selected as the official medal of the International Art Medal Federation XXX World Congress. The medal was produced and presented to participants of the Congress and visiting dignitaries.

Numismatist Dick Johnson's article, written for the Numismatic Bibliomania Society, can be read here:


Falmouth at Work

Looking Back: Falmouth at Work is a series of eleven bronze plaques made for the town of Falmouth, Massachusetts. The plaques represent many of the historic industries that were significant to the town. They are permanently installed along the sidewalk that abuts the library lawn on Main Street.  

Click here for a link to a thorough overview of how this public project was conceived and created.

Each plaque measures 12" h. x 24" w. x 3/8" d.

Photo at right: detail from the Marine Sciences plaque, featuring Spencer Baird, the granddaddy of the Woods Hole science industry.

Inspired by the plaques, a series of highly detailed articles about each of the industries in this series has been written by Falmouth historian Jennifer Gaines.  They first appeared in Spritsail (Volume 21, Number 2: Summer 2007), a journal of the history of Falmouth and vicinity, published by the Woods Hole Historical Museum.  A link to each article is under the corresponding photo.  An introduction about the project and about Sarah's process can be found HERE.