The Botanical Fainting Couch

The Botanical Fainting Couch is a interactive bronze bench, measuring roughly 96" l. x 50" d. x 48" h.  It has a botanical taxonomy theme.  Each letter has the texture of a different plant that is identified with the corresponding letter.  A is for Acer, B is for Begonia, C is for Comptonia...

It was designed specifically for public garden spaces and is intended to excite and educate viewers of all ages about botany and plant identification.  Site specific learning tools, maps, and interactive games can be designed around the BFC.

Every garden space and cultural institution is different, and so is its mission.  The BFC has plants from every region of the US, but would also be at home in any international setting.  The Latin botanical genus identifications are universally used across the globe.  Below are some examples of supporting materials and some additional facts about the BFC.