Unveiling the Alphabet Chair
The unveiling, July 1st, 2003 with (from left) Betty Borg (Carol's mother), Carol Chittenden and Sarah Peters

Eight Cousins Children's Books, in Falmouth, Mass., is about to celebrate its twentieth anniversary. To honor the occasion, owner Carol Chittenden decided to give a sculpture to the town - 0ne that would leave a lasting impression and "celebrate the community of readers". She asked Sarah to design a chair that looked as though it was draped with letters of the alphabet. Two years later, The Alphabet Chair (a.k.a. Alphabet Throne) was unveiled.

  The Alphabet Chair in front of Eight Cousins  

Eight Cousins is a wonderful bookstore. The staff is warm and knowledgeable about their books and there is always something creative going on. It is not only a kid-friendly place, but it is also dog-friendly. One can always find a water bowl and dog biscuits right by The Alphabet Chair (The Chair even has a discreet cup holder for those who want to sit for a while and read with their dog).

The Chair attracts readers small and large to Eight Cousins. Children can't help but climb on it. The textures work as a puzzle that most people find irresistible. Passersby will even come into the bookstore because they "can't figure out what that last letter is"

lots of kids check out The Alphabet Chair
two families inspecting The Alphabet Chair

Eight Cousins Children's Books
189 Main Street
Falmouth, MA 02540